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The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak (reporting marks AMTK, AMTZ), is a passenger railroad service that provides medium and long-distance intercity service in the contiguous United States and to nine Canadian cities.


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Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Racist environment, only white management with no skills and woman are constantly sexually harassed to promote. Wouldn’t even recommend to a enemy: generation after generation of useless people.NoneEntire location, from safety, to hours to opportunity to grow"

General Foreman (Former Employee) says

"As a General Foreman working under other management AMTRAK was a good company to work for. Upper management at one time listened to their employees and valued what they had to say. They encouraged employees doing whatever they could to better the company."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Day labor,I had to work until both trains arrvied in ABQ,so basically I on call until both trains showed up,an the trains where rarely on time.we did get paid for overtime"

LSA (Former Employee) says

"Hostile Environment. Accused of something I didn't do and dragged under the carpet. You're just a number so get use to it. The insiders can do what ever they want with fear of discipline. If you are not liked by management, you are written up for anything to be used against you at a later date.Friends, travel, perksMiddle management"

On board chef (Former Employee) says

"After suffering a massive stroke,while working for Amtrak,that has left me,totally paralyzed on my left side.Amtrak fed-ex me a termination letter and served me while I was in "ICU in New Orleans"! Amtrak has no class or respect for it's employees! My personal clothing& things were stolen by the Amtrak trainer!"

Train and assist staff (Current Employee) says

"Most of us want to make some kind of a difference, in the work place, our customers, our home and families. Thats easy if they like you and if they don't, you are there for management target practice. I have seen good workers careers destroyed simply because one manager did not like them. You could be written up for anything and I mean anything. They will make everyone think you are a bad employee and when an opportunity comes, go after you. Its just so very sad for some people. I pray for a day upper management see what lower management does on a daily basisWork family and friendsLower management tactics"

LSA (Former Employee) says

"Recently retired and enjoying the good life. Spent many years up and down the railroad, did my time and now with the family. I've had many issues with Amtrak while I was there, part of the job but Amtrak will be Amtrak. There is whats right and then there is what Amtrak considers right, never the two shall meet. I keep in touch with the many friends that I made over the years as well as many of the passengers I became friends with along my journeys. Now that I am retired, I can speak my mind. Amtrak is a place that simply doesn't care for its employees. the work force is the back bone of Amtrak. I was out there day in and day out, serving Amtrak and the public. Amtrak looks out for Amtrak (management that is) and the people that are the backbone of the organization, are simply a number. If you are in with management, you have absolutely nothing to fear. If you are not a good ol' boy or girl, they'll treat you like a piece of junk. They will set you up, write you up for anything, have a simple conversation with you then call it (with out you knowing), a verbal/written counseling, create fake situations just to build a case against you to use at a later date. My prayers go out to my friends that are still there. Hang in there brothers. Cover your butts!Eventual retirementmanagement"

Equipment Server (Former Employee) says

"Amtrak had to many racist supervisor. I was uncomfortable working there most of the time because i am a person of color myself. I shouldn't have to come to work and get harassed because of my ethic or where i come from."

Server/Bartender (Current Employee) says

"A manager once told us: "If you weren't working here you would be in prison". Sadly, that's the Amtrak manager mentality that carried from one manager to the next in some cases. Some managers feel the need to play God with peoples lives. If they don't like you for the tiniest reason, they go totally out of their way in trying to terminate you, even right out lie just to get rid of you. It's sad, hopefully, down the road, they'll actually hire managers that are true professionals that are trained to run things right.Pay, BenefitsManagement"

On Board (Current Employee) says

"When I was in school I was told a company is judged by its weakest link. Sadly I think management is its weakest link. I work with a bunch of great man and woman coworkers who go through all sorts of workplace bullying from managers. Problem is they just don't realize that they are doing it. Then they bring someone else into their inner circle and keep the same cycle going. Hopefully, someone higher up there sees this and can make some drastic changes.Great coworkers and payRead above"

On Board Service (Current Employee) says

"A Sad, So Very, Very sad Company. (Cut Throat, Rats and Happy Fire Managers). Everyone out for themselves. The inside employees favored by management can do anything because they are liked. If you are not liked you are constantly under the radar. Brought on on charges for anything you do and they totally blow it out of proportion. This is for NYC. Think the Superintendents down to the supervisors should all be looked at under the scope and not be allowed to simply play God If you have other options as far as employment opportunities, go there. mentally save yourself.FriendsFire Happy Managers"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Very stressful job. , management loves to micro manage , co workers love getting others fired and written up , managers are sneaky and deceptive, no work life balance , everything is seniority base can lose your job any day, ruthless company and ceo just cut 550 from call centerDecent pay for experience, union jobCulture management ceo job uncertainty"

Bridges and Building Structures Division Foreman (Former Employee) says

"A work place full of treachery and deceit,avoid at all COSTS!!!!!!! management looks for ways to fire you instead of helping you get the job accomplished"

Coach Cleaner (Current Employee) says

"Union sucks. No sick days. No rotating shif. Manegment treats you as slaves. No sick days you take without pay. Superviors curse at you. Company would be a great place to work if they took employess complains serious.NonPoor management."

Train Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful with lots of hours no help from anyone. This company is a joke and they turn you into a train slave. They are management heavy and they all need training.paystressful and no help"

On Board Service (Current Employee) says

"Thousands and Thousands loosing their jobs, while union is in bed with management. Used to love coming to work now I hate it with a passion. Good ol’ boys and gals make it through the ranks if your born to certain families or kiss the right buts or noses. It is an unfair company looks unfair tactics and practices and only serves its mean spirited own agendas. They probably read the negative posts and laugh while we fight to feed our families and now travel a a thousand miles to begin our job.My family at homePast 20 years"

On Board (Current Employee) says

"I wonder, can some New York supervisors and managers actually sleep at night knowing how they treat some employees. I wish the new president would actually ask the working employees their thoughts on management. The same backwards management is the reason were in this crazy mess were in today. Get rid of them start a new! New management brings new fresh ideas.My left shoeMuch"

Conductor (Current Employee) says

"No two days are ever the same. Working for the railroad as many cultures you must learn it. Its different and exciting but extremely stressful on both you and your family. The maximum hours a person can work is 12 hours per day with at least one day off as per the FRA . There is a period where you must work on call and be available after every 8-10 from the finish of your last shift. You must be a even tempered and mature minded individual to work at this company.BenifitsOn call"

Closing Infant/School Age Teacher - KINDERCARE (Former Employee) says

"Takes to much time away from family but the money was nice.But I rather have a normal job and be home every night.With this job you ar gone four nights out of the week"

Lead Business Program Analyst/Scrum Master (Former Employee) says

"Not the best place to work. No flexibility. You can't fall sick or you'll be out the door. No remote work. You can't make up your hours if you miss workContractors are nicedon't get sick or you're out the door"

anna imedashvili says

"So I’m heading back to DC from Penn Station @Amtrak Acela 2253 While most of the train is empty I’m seated in the back of a man who keeps coughing NON STOP. I asked the conductor what can we do and in return he caught a huge attitude and said “you’ll be “ok” because the back of the seat is enough and walked off... why be so rude!? We are in a middle of a pandemic 😷 yet his response is basically to “fffkk off ” is how i took it. I refuse to believe some people are this way and are employed with a company like @Amtrak 😡"

Jana aleman says

"The experience was ok for a first timer but the food expensive and the some of the workers are rude n not good and as for a diabetic who didn’t know much and didn’t have my card or cash sucked bc I had slick remarks towards me and this was amtrack empire building train"

Liz freeman says

"I am currently riding Amtrak train from LA to Portland. 1st of all there is absolutely no social distancing going on in here as every seat is filled up on this one car (#13)...Seems like the conductor's placed everyone on this one damn car to make their job easier! Since the trains are only leaving 3 days a week and riding at 50% compacity there is no way none of this should be going on!! Passengers are coughing, not wearing their mask and to top it off theirs a crazy lady sitting across from me filming people and cussing people out! Several passengers have went to the conductor's about her crazy behavior but not one has come to address it!! She nearly got assaulted by another passenger for using hate speech toward them. This is completely unacceptable & insane! it is 2:30 am and while the conductor's are off sleeping somewhere we can't get any! Bunch of lazy workers and the ridership sucks. Would have been better off walking!! Screw Amtrak and it's dirty filthy trains!!!!!"

Josh Forgot says

"I’ve been using Amtrak for the past 3 years to go to Orlando Florida from New York City and back. Before I would rate it alright because most of time it will get delayed along the way to the destination, but won’t get there too late or even on time sometimes. However one year there was a huge delay that we stayed in a station in Georgia for 2 hours and just at a stand still on the tracks for 3 hours and got 4 hours late to our destination. But this year, will be my last and final year traveling this way. My item was literally stolen when I got out of my seat to the cafe car for less than 5 minutes. They can at least add cameras somewhere. Before I used to leave items out all the time, but this time I guess someone lost their dignity and decided to steal a charger."

ïmpurïty says

"Overall, Amtrak offers mid-range accommodations for a basic train ticket. Mask coverings aren’t even worn by half of the passengers if they just “don’t feel like it”. One of my major complaints is timing. There are certain trains that have no other running times and those times are in the middle of the night. Mind you, when I say middle of the night, you’re looking at 12:00 am to 1:00 am. Sometimes you can get a decent time, but only in bigger cities. I think this entire concept is ridiculous as it makes all passengers who need to get to certain places, have to travel at horrendous times. What is worse is that when you schedule these, they make sure you can’t refund them for money to buy bus tickets or anything far more convenient. I think service is okay, but scheduling needs to be massively adjusted. If it is a COVID issue, you should have planned for this 6 months ago when this all first started. Think about your customers and their needs before you put your trains first."

Freeman Lambright says

"A fun way to travel if you don't need to wear a mask. How can a person get so INSANE as to require a mask! Just absolutely ridiculous!!!!! I'm staying away from Amtrak as long as they support this NONSENSE INSANITY!!!!! GET IT OVER WITH!! IT DEFINITELY THREATENS YOUR HEALTH TO WEAR A MASK!!!!!!!"

Julian Hubbard says

"Simple trips never work out with these guys. I take the train from Boston to Maine quite frequently, the last 6 times I've used the train it has been upwards of an hour+ late due to outdated technology and "signal errors". It almost seems like they should have been using the quarantine time to renovate their systems and technology, instead of making a 3 hour train ride into a 4-5 hour trip. They don't respect your time, so don't show them the business until they get their act together."

Cathy Marvier says

"I purchased a trip from LA to the Grand Canyon for myself, a Senior, and a young granddaughter. The trip involved 2 stages by Amtrak and 2 by bus. Found out the week before that 1 of the buses was no longer running and that I'd need to get myself from the Amtrak depot in Flagstaff into the Park. Had I not found out on my own, I'd have been left stranded at 4am. They offered me NO refund, but did offer the name of a taxi company (and I'd already paid for the bus leg). I phoned, emailed, phoned, emailed and finally turned it over to my C/c company who refunded all of my money. I frequently travel with Amtrak, and will continue to do so, but will NEVER book another trip with their package tour partner, Yankee Leisure."

Tarey Ofp says

"I am currently going through an absolute nightmare with Amtrak. My Wife and I had planned a cross-country trip for our 25th Anniversary. Purchase in March for September 2020. I put the deposit down with our debit card, then immediately removed/changed to our CC to add additional trip protection etc. as well as purchasing their own travel protection plan. By June we realized it would be in our best interest to cancel this trip until things may or might settle down with Covid-19. I called and canceled and figured that was that. Yesterday afternoon they wiped out our checking account and over drafted us by thousands of dollars. They are now actually fighting us on this, saying they have no record of the cancellation. I said fine then cancel us now. They stated that we are not entitled to a refund. That we are only eligible for future travel vouchers. This is despite all of their advertising, emails and website stating that there will be "No Hassles Refunds with no fees" for all trips booked before April 20th due to Covi-19. I have spoken with several agents who are telling me that they never give money back, only travel vouchers. We currently filing a dispute with our credit union as we have run out of options. We currently can not pay our bills, and we have been robbed of any alternative vacation plans as we have absolutely no intention of traveling with Amtrak ever! Theives and Liars!"

Rick Green says

"I booked my auto train trip from Sanford FL to Lorton VA and back for our annual family vacation. This was the first and last trip I will ever take. I had a roomete and my son went with me. I could not sleep because of the shaking and the constant train horn. We where delayed at first because of a software glitch. The trip had many offensive smells. The urine smell of the bedding was totally avoidable if they had proper cleaning services. There was a pass by a landfill that took a while and a paper manufacturing plant. I was initially told I could cancel my trip anytime and when I tried to cancel the return they wouldn't. I have a complaint filed with my bank against them. No matter what happens I am not getting on that train and will happily drive home. To top it all off they removed a Covid positive employee at the Lorton station."

Jim Hillegas says

"I’m pretty sure prison trains have the courtesy to dim the lights so people can get some rest. I can read and see every detail like it’s broad daylight and am now on the third and final train. I haven’t slept, we’re hours late.... surprise surprise, and they really stick it to you by no refund policy so you’ve got no choice but to deal with it. Never take this companies trains, employees are good people but this company just doesn’t care. Another passenger even joked and said they felt like they were in a mobile jail and they’re right, going 8 hour stretches without fresh air during a pandemic really shows you care Amtrak nice work. All I know is thank goodness for cancel culture because Amtrak is long overdue"

jaclyn corum says

"First off when the city was closed from riots they could give me no information and told me it to try to go through the national guard to get to my train. after I've been on the phone with the police department saying if I came down to Cleveland I would be arrested so therefore I called back again they could not give me any information so I rescheduled my train for 10 days out because I didn't know what else to do and the lady on the other side of the phone for your company was no help at all and very rude. so finally my day comes up again and I make it to the train station and because I'm moving to Florida and have so much baggage they give me attitude right away is her freaking out. so I pack everything up a separate everything and the price for the shipping was way off from what the lady told me beforehand like a buy $100 o they do not take cash right now so there was no way for me to pay because all I had was Cash. A lady I did not know how do you use her credit card to pay for my luggage check and I gave her the money. Thank God a stranger was there to help me because your company was no help at all. Sono I am sitting in the streets of Cleveland with all my carry-on luggage because the Amtrak station closes it doesn't open till midnight so now I'm sitting in the middle of Cleveland where I know no one and have nowhere to go and I'm sitting on the streets after $800 Amtrak ticket. This is the absolute worst travel and experience I have had between uninformed mative information of the riots and how to deal with it to the nobody told me cash only or a credit cards only and leave me stuck here in the city where I know no one and have nowhere to go and I haven't even made it on the train yet I mean what is going to be my experience getting on the train because it has been horrible so far horrible all I want to do is go home and you're making it almost impossible and just keep taking my money. I couldn't even sit in the parking lot and wait for the train station the open they literally made me leave the ground with all of my carry-on luggage and go into the streets of Cleveland where I know no one and have nowhere to go. If this is how you treat your customers that pay well to travel well I hate to see how you treat your customers that buy the lower rate tickets it must be horrible because your policies almost make it impossible to travel and make it a very difficult experience. Which is not what you want after dropping so much money to move the Florida and using Amtrak cuz it was recommended because of the shipping fees were supposed to be lower and here I am having my stuff is with a stranger and I don't know I gave it away she's supposed to mail me a couple of boxes back I don't know if she will who knows she just made out if she didn't. And I'm stuck here all day until midnight when the train station opens again and the streets of Cleveland like a homeless person after paid $800 for all my check baggage . I am at a loss of words and your company is really needs to go over their policies because you made my travel and experience terrible I've cried several times this is a nightmare all I want to do is go home and here I am on the streets like a homeless person with all my carry-on luggage wondering how I'm going to make it back to the strain tasting at midnight because I've already paid $40 for a ride from Lodi to Cleveland to catch my train last nighr. this is how you treat your customers you throw them out of the streets like a homeless person while they're waiting on a train that you forced the person to miss because you would not take her cash. you really need to review your company policies and talk to your employees of how to handle them a little bit better when you're telling someone they have to give up more of what they own and they don't like you and they only take a credit card and they won't take your money and they have no other advice for you and they tell you nothing. Amtrak is horrible I will never travel aga"

Rosy Spencer says

"Terrible customer service. I submitted a request for a refund on 4/1/20. The woman who took my call gathered all my information and didn't submit my refund request. I called again a couple of weeks later because I didn't get my refund and a woman with the same name, said that the first woman didn't submit my refund request. She gather again all my information and said for me to wait for two weeks to get my refund. I waited for three weeks, no refund. I called again and another woman tells me that a refund was issued on 5/20 and I should call again at the end of the week if I didn't get it. Well, I didn't get my refund. I called again and now another woman is telling me that my bank didn't say if it will accept the refund. That sounded very odd. I never heard of a Bank not accepting refunds into their clients' accounts. She suggested for me to call my Bank. I did it. Sure enough, my bank said that they don't hold on refunds to be credited into their client's accounts. I called Amtrak again and told them what my bank said. The only thing that man that answered this time could say is that accounts payable is looking into it and I should call back on Wednesday. So, I don't have my refund as of today. It is clear that someone or some people drop the ball and they are not handling this well. The supervisor didn't even talk to me to let me know that she/he personally will take care of it. Perhaps s/he doesn't really care. All this is not even mentioning the long wait to get to talk to someone or while I was waiting for them to "solve" my problem. If anyone knows who should I talk to so I can actually be heard? I feel that that they are passing me around from one customer assistant to another hoping that I will get tired and not call back to get my refund."

Noe says

"We travelled in train # 6 from Nebraska to Illinois. The train was 1 hour late, so it went faster tokeep on schedule. I did not enjoy it. Previously, train had gone smoothly. Another was that there were more passangers and I thought that they would put seats farther apart due to COVID 19. In fact, there were far more passangers in this trip than other we took last year. This is probably die to the fact that trains do not run every day, but 3 times a week only. Another thing was that the passanger next to our seats was without shoes and he would lay with his feet out and it was very uncomfortable for us. Finally, bathrooms were dirty. I did not feel comfortable. So I would like Amtrak to not just say it, but do something about these issues. I think that costumers deserve a better service."

susan Hyde-Mahoney says

"I am currently on this train; Texas Eagle. They want me to wear a mask 24/7, but they don't do temp checks or ask boarding passengers any questions. They don't search bags. I understand wearing a mask for when you are up and about, but when we are sitting in one spot for 24+ hours, we should be able to take them off. They don't clean the trains; found trash and old orange rinds in the cup holder. My advice....plane tickets are as cheap if not to and you only have to wear the mask for a few hours."

Ethan Pae says

"Terrible. Overpriced. There’s nothing else to it. It’s just bad. Just shy of a really bad score because the staff was friendly. 60 bucks per person from NYC to Poughkeepsie is ridiculous."

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